Dr. Siegel is the founder of Burning Bush Ministries and an Executive Director of Global Sports Federation, Inc.

Jeffrey grew up in a traditional Jewish home in Chicago. In 1976 while playing and coaching Baseball at the University of Illinois baseball Jeffrey had a Burning Bush experience with God and became a follower of Jesus. This decision made a big impact on his life and family. Over the years Jeff wore many hats. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Physical Education and earned a Masters in Management from Southern Wesleyan University.

For a while, he was an assistant baseball coach at the University of Illinois and he scouted with the San Diego Padres. Jeff worked for a fortune 500 company called ServiceMaster after finishing training as a Facilities Manager at Gwinnett Technical College.

In 2002 Jeff started a non-profit organization called Global Sports as a platform to share the Good News through athletics. In 2008 he joined the staff of Chosen People Ministries in New York to extend his reach in the Jewish community. Jeffrey went on to earn a Doctoral Degree in Global Leadership at Alliance Theological Seminary and now serves as the Executive Director of Global Sports and founder of Burning Bush Ministries.

By providing quality instruction in baseball, basketball, softball and other athletics Global Sports is opening many ministry opportunities around the world. Burning Bush Ministries is able to provide these exciting programs to Jewish communities by working through the Global Sports network. Jeff formed Burning Bush Ministries for the expressed purpose of blessing Jewish people.