Something interesting happens whenever I travel to far and distant lands. Whether I travel to set up a sports outreach somewhere or to deliver some humanitarian aid, or on some other business, God always manages to put me in contact with other Jews, in the most unexpected places across the globe. And I often have amazing opportunities to share my faith with them. My friend Jeff Goldberg and were traveling in the Philippines. We stayed at a hotel called the Jerusalem hotel in Manila. You may not know this, but the people of the Philippines have been supportive of Israel since 1948. Many Christians in the Philippines love the Jewish people and understand their biblical connection.

The hotel owner asked us to come to a banquet she was putting together and asked me to speak after dinner. Sitting across from me was an Israeli businessman. It turns out he moved to Manila for business and married a Christian woman there. After dinner I shared my testimony, telling of my own personal Burning Bush experience and revelation of Jesus as Jewish Messiah. My dining partner was very intrigued. He handed me his business card and invited me to dinner at his home when I return to the Philippines. At this point, I do not know for sure, but I believe something I shared has sturred his heart in a special way. An unexpected meeting and who knows what may come of our connection.

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