Earlier this year I traveled to the Philippines to speak on the Jewish Roots of Christian faith with my friend. It is amazing, but Christians in the Philippines love the […]
Something interesting happens whenever I travel to far and distant lands. Whether I travel to set up a sports outreach somewhere or to deliver some humanitarian aid, or on some […]
Many people do not know that Havana has a small Jewish community. On a recent trip to Cuba, we visited the orthodox synagogue in Havana. We did a tour and […]
I have just returned home with a team of 8 people who went to Israel with me. This trip seemed as if it would not happen. But the Lord provided […]
IN THE WILDERNESS God spoke to Moses through a Burning Bush. A revelation of his plan to bring liberty and freedom to his people Israel. God used Moses to lead […]
For many Christians, making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a dream of a lifetime. And frankly, many people put it off for way too long. Israel is the […]