IN THE WILDERNESS God spoke to Moses through a Burning Bush. A revelation of his plan to bring liberty and freedom to his people Israel. God used Moses to lead Jewish people out of slavery.


IN THE WILDERNESS Israel received a covenant at Sinai that made them a people like no other nation upon the earth. And later through the prophet Jeremiah God promised Israel a new covenant, not like the one he gave when he led them out of Egypt (Jer. 31).


Another prophet named John became a voice in IN THE WILDERNESS, preparing the way of the Lord.


Before ministering to thousands of his fellow Jews, Jesus was tested IN THE WILDERNESS. After his death, burial, and resurrection the New Covenant promised by Jeremiah became a reality.


But so many Jewish people do not know of this promise and have never heard that the Messiah has come. The Apostle Paul asked, “How will they believe unless someone proclaims it to them?” Sometimes it takes a Burning Bush experience IN THE WILDERNESS. It takes only one messenger to make the New Covenant a reality in someone’s life and that’s why our ministry exists…

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