For many Christians, making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a dream of a lifetime. And frankly, many people put it off for way too long. Israel is the land of the Bible. You can literally walk on the streets that Jesus and apostles walked in the 1st century. You can take a boat on Galilee and eat the same kind of fish that the disciples used to catch in their nets. You can walk the hills and valleys where profits walked and stand among the ruins of royal palaces of Israel’s ancient kings. There is nothing like it. You can literally walk all over the land where the Bible happened!

But what is even more amazing, you can meet Israelis, visit modern cities and synagogues and realize that Israel is not merely an ancient people, but a modern-day miracle. For almost two millennia Jews were not able to have independence and sovereignty in their own homeland. For so many ages foreign powers dominated these ancient lands. But in 1948 a new Jewish state was born. Just a few decades old, a tiny country, lacking all the traditional natural resources of their neighbors in the Middle East, it prospers and thrives. Its towns are still pelleted by terrorist rockets from time to time. Its peace is fragile, but saught daily through prayers and diplomacy. The only true democratic state in the entire Middle East, way ahead of its neighbors in science, education, and technology. A country made up of Jews from all four corners of the world that if first to condemn tyranny and first to respond to the cries for help amidst a disaster. Israel’s government is not perfect, but God is in the midst of everything that happens, whether people realize it or not.

If you want to experience the land of the Bible and see this modern-day miracle, contact us. We organize educational trips to Israel every year.

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