Earlier this year I traveled to the Philippines to speak on the Jewish Roots of Christian faith with my friend. It is amazing, but Christians in the Philippines love the Jewish people and understand their connection to Israel. They know that Jesus was a Jews and the gospels are encapsulated in Jewish culture. My traveling companion Jeff Goldberg is a fellow Jew who came to know Yeshua (Jesus) in April 1976, about six months before me at the University of Illinois. He played on the football team and I played on the baseball team. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes had a big impact on both of our lives. And we both believe that sports is a great way to reach people.

We spoke in churches Metro Manila, Sorsogon, which reminds one of Hawaii a lot. We also spoke in conferences called “Grafted In”, in Muntinlupa, and in the city of Baguio. We also led a Sports Ministry Conference and realized that that basketball would be a great platform for Christ in the Philippines. Pray with us about outreach evens in the Philippines, a nation where people’s hearts are often open to the gospel.

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